Bird Baths & Accessories

Regardless of the season, birds need access to fresh water. Keeping a bird bath in your yard makes this available, and with a bird bath de-icer, your bird bath can be used even in the coldest, snowy winter weather.

All items can be picked-up curbside or delivered to your home.

Please call the store to purchase: (248) 548-2424.


All Birds Welcome $143.19 (was $191.99)        Renaissance Bird Bath $181.99


Ribbon Bird Bath $213.99                                Bird Bath De-Icer $73.10 (was $85.99)


Heated Bird Bath 14" $89.99                           Heated Bird Bath 12" $118.99


"Lane" Aggregate Bird Bath $                         "Lighthouse" Aggregate Bird Bath $


"Pee Wee" Aggregate Bird Bath $                    "Embossed" Gray Bird Bath $99.99

Measures 11" high, 16" diameter, 2.5" deep

"Superior" Aggregate Bird Bath $

Measures 18.5" high, 20.25" diameter