No matter what kind of birds you want to attract, we've got the feeder you need!

All items can be picked-up curbside or delivered to your home.

Please call the store to purchase: (248) 548-2424.


Absolute I Feeder $114.99                                   Absolute II Feeder $129.99


Absolute II - Electric Blue $89.99                         Absolute III $99.99


Hanging Seed Cylinder Feeder $53.99                 Mini Absolute II $59.99


Reflective Red Bird's Delight $52.99                     Reflective Red Vista Feeder $47.99


Patriotic Wood Ranch Feeder $44.99                    Wood Ranch Feeder in Blue $19.99


Songbird Essentials "Clingers Only" $19.99           Songbird Essentials Seed Hoop $23.99


Mandarin Sky Cafe $89.99                                   Mandarin Hanging Baffle $39.99


Pole Mounted Seed Cylinder $89.99                   Squirrel Buster Classic $64.99 (was $76.99)


Squirrel Buster Finch $76.99                                Squirrel Buster Peanut $89.99


Squirrel Buster Plus $106.99 (was $124.99)        Squirrel Buster Weather Guard $24.99


Squirrel Buster Pole Adapter $19.99                   Squirrel Buster Standard $49.99